The frequency and severity of hurricanes, droughts, flooding events, heat waves, and storms is increasing across the globe. The higher levels of exposure and unresolved vulnerability will only increase hazard risk and result in higher human and economic losses from climate change and disaster events. Communities, ecosystems, private sector, regions and countries all carry the burden of these losses.


Adaptation to climate change and climate-related disaster risk management should be integrated into development models, into land use planning, into economic growth plans, into agricultural and infrastructure planning.

Implementation of actions that make communities and countries more resilient to climate-related disasters and to scale up short- and long-term disaster risk management strategies are urgently needed.


AILAC countries seek enhancement of the effectiveness of disaster risk management in climate compatible development practices and policies, at local and national levels. This webpage gathers information that is relevant to this purpose with a particular focus on the UNFCCC process.

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