Paraguay joins the negotiating group AILAC

Paraguay joins the negotiating group AILAC

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Bonn, June 1, 2015. Paraguay joins the progressive efforts of the Independent Association of Latin American and Caribbean -AILAC- in climate change negotiations that will define a new Agreement in December, this year.

AILAC defends proactive positions on climate change, advocating the adoption in Paris -COP21- a ratifiable treaty with legally binding commitments for all the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Paraguay’s entry to AILAC progressive outlook strengthens the group, contributing to the effort to achieve a new international regime effective and ambitious climate change.

Carlos Vecca, Head of the Delegation of Paraguay, said his country shares an ambitious vision on climate change, also pointed out that the operation of AILAC allow the progressive countries of Latin America to achieve greater impact on the negotiation process of the new Agreement.

Vecca stressed that his country has very clear guidelines on climate change. Paraguay currently being developed by the Third National Communication of the National Inventory of Greenhouse Gases (INGEI) and promoting a bill Framework on Climate Change. It also has a mitigation strategy later this year and will submit a National Adaptation Plan.

AILAC’s countries have received entering the negotiating Paraguay with great enthusiasm, said July Cordano, on behalf of the Pro Tempore Presidency of AILAC group, currently in charge of Chile.

 “We received with special joy the arrival of Paraguay, showing that the group has raised interest in the region. At the same time we are confident that this new addition will allow us to move strongly towards the goals we have set and to contribute to an ambitious legally binding Agreement, that includes objectives in mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation” explained Cordano.

In 2012, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and Peru formally joined to form this negotiating group, and since then, AILAC has been characterized by works between different groups and positions under the UNFCCC.

AILAC continues working and joining forces to achieve the objective of coping with the challenge that this phenomenon imposes to the international community.

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