AILAC strengthens its positions at the climate change negotiations

AILAC strengthens its positions at the climate change negotiations

10:35 10 February in NoticiasIngles

Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and Peru joined efforts in the negotiating group: AILAC.

GENEVA APERTURAGENEVA. Negotiators from 196 countries resumed their efforts to guide global action on climate change and move forward with the development of the future 2015 legal agreement to be adopted at this year’s Conference of the Parties in Paris (COP21).

From 8 to February 13, Geneva, Switzerland is the stage of the negotiations that are tasked to finalize the draft of the new agreement that will govern following completion of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol after 2020.

The new agreement will include new commitments by all States and it is essential that the agreement includes a long-term signal that is based on the work of Intergovernmental  Panel of Climate Change – IPCC.

AILAC believes that the agreement must address mitigation, adaptation and means of implementation, in a balanced manner, as well as rules defining reporting, accounting, monitoring and review of commitments, to ensure environmental integrity of the international climate change regime.

In this sense, AILAC member countries face the challenge of building alliances in these negotiations with other delegations and seek consensus to help ensure the Paris agreement is an effective and ambitious instrument that responds to climate change in a fair manner and respects the principles of the Convention.

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