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Estatus de ratificación del Acuerdo de París




US´s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

Press Release

▪ Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, members of the Independent Association of Latin-American and the Caribbean, AILAC, a group of Latin-American countries highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change, state their deep disappointment by the decision made by the government of the United States to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.
▪ We express our full, decided and irreversible commitment to climate action and to the multilateral regime established around the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.
▪ We recognize as a major breakthrough that the Paris Agreement has been adopted almost universally as well as its early entry into force. This international treaty, built upon collective action and oriented to face global climate change with a vision of long-term ambition is fundamental to accelerate the transformation of our development models, if we are to ensure a low emissions and resilient future.
▪ Hence, we underscore the ratification of the Paris Agreement by 147 countries to date, as a clear signal of commitment and political will for its effective implementation, including by the world´s major emitters.
▪ The Paris Agreement has provided overwhelming signals of the transformation required by our economies. We are now witnessing an irreversible energy revolution that is receiving multimillionaire investments throughout the globe and in this sense, we emphasize the essential role that the private sector, civil society and local governments play in this global effort.
▪ We confirm our commitment to the Paris Agreement and call upon all Parties of the UN climate regime and to all stakeholders to continue working towards the success of the Agreement and the achievement of its long-term goals since they are necessary for sustainable development at global scale.
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